Tuesday, 4 October 2016



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Monday, 26 September 2016


If my shopping account wasn't so restrained at the moment, this is what I would wear today. It feels like the perfect outfit to kick start the week in, a 'let's kick this week's butt' kind of outfit.. haha! Exactly what I need right now.

The little black dress is a well known must in your closet. But, the little black dress doesn't need to be tight or too fancy. This loose t-shirt dress model is just as perfect for both dressing up and dressing down. The v-neck with a choker detail makes it more interesting than your regular dress and you don't need to wear a scarf or a necklace since there's already a detail in the dress. This one is from Chiquelle but you can find similar almost in every shop at the moment!

This dress can be matched with almost anything but at the moment I have a thing for dressing short dresses/jumpsuits or shorts with a pair of over-knee boots. It looks sexy yet a bit more dressed than going barelegged. Since I spotted a similar pair of red velvet boots over at Lorna's (Raindrops Of Sapphire) blog a little while back I've been obsessed with velvet boots. These ones are a great pair from Zara.

Since it's autumn (even though the weather suggests it's still summer) I needed to include a jacket. A perfect nude trenchcoat would be the perfect way to 'dress up' this outfit and make it more work-friendly. This one is just amazing, thin but with a lovely flow. I think I found it on Nelly.com?

To top it up I chose a pair of big sunglasses from Misguided and a classic black handbag from Chiquelle.

What's your perfect Monday outfit?

Sunday, 25 September 2016


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A Sunday moodboard to best describe how my weekend has been going so far. Today I'm not just laying in bed all day, I'm way to restless to be able to do that. But I enjoy making moodboards like these to have an aim and a goal to that sometimes, even I need to settle down and not do anything at all on a Sunday. That day is just not today. ;)

What are you guys up to today? x

Thursday, 22 September 2016


A few photos from mine and Wille's dinner this Tuesday. My love for Chiquito's street style burrito can't be defined in words, lol. ;)

I landed in Sweden yesterday at around 16.30 local time and I was so exhausted from the long day. It's not that the trip from London to Sweden is very long but the preparations, getting to the airport, checking in an all that is taking so many hours of the day. Even though my plane did not leave until 13.40 I still needed to get on a train by 10.00 to be able to get to the airport in time and have time to eat and check in before boarding. I wish I could just buy my own private jet..

Today has been a pretty slow day for me, I've literally just tried to get some work done, planning posts and trying to plan ahead before school starts again. I've been told that second year of university is the hardest year to get through because that's when everything starts to count. So I'm a bit nervous but really excited at the same time. I'm really looking forward to getting back into my routines again.

If any of you have any experiences from second year, please let me know! x

Jag landade i Sverige igår vid 16.30 efter en heldag på flygplatsen. Det tar verkligen en hel dag att flyga, och då är tiden man är i luften ändå det lilla. Överväger att köpa ett privatflyg.. 

Idag har varit en väldigt långsam dag. Jag har försökt att få lite jobb gjort med bloggen samtidigt som jag försöker planera min höst inför skolstart lite mer. Vad jag har hört är andra året på universitetet det svåraste året för det är nu allt börjar räknas fram till examen. Självklart är jag nervös men jag är nog mer taggad om jag ska vara ärlig, det ska bli skönt att komma in i rutiner och börja plugga igen! 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


This is what I looked like on the last day of LFW. My favorite pants at the moment from New Look, the fit like a glove (even though I'm only 160 cm short). It's been a crazy couple of days with a combination of fashion week, packing and trying to spend time with my boyfriend before I leave for Sweden.

When you read this I'm probably on the plane on my way home for a short visit before school starts again. Just figured I wanted to give you a quick update and show that I'm alive. :)

Fashion week has been amazing even though I felt like I was going to get sick (still praying for the sickness to stay away). I've had a headache one day, pain in my throat one day and today I'm just sneezing a lot. Gosh.. not looking forward to getting sick right now.

Back to fashion week! The shows and presentations I've been to have been absolutely amazing. My favorites this year has to be: Asli Polat, Sid Neigum, Rocky Star and Vin + Omi. They offered amazing shows that really caught my eye. I'm super grateful for being able to attend so many events and I'm already looking forward for the next season!

I'll catch you when I'm home in Sweden again!

Monday, 19 September 2016


From fashion to food.. haha. I remember a couple of months back me and Wille were really good at exploring new places around London. We had a thing were we did/visited something new every week, it could be everything from a new restaurant to an experience or a location. Since we came back we've actually started to do this again.

Yesterday we visited a Greek food restaurant near Liverpool Street called Hungry Donkey. I found it through an advert on a tube station so we really didn't know what to expect. The prices were definitely budget friendly (even though we ordered waaaay to much food as you can see) and I'm blown away! Amazing food, super friendly staff and a pretty small place - perfect if you want a bit of peace and quiet. If you have your way around that part of London, definitely give it a go. One of the best greek places I've eaten at!

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Day number two of London Fashion Week, the weather has somehow gone from unbearable heat to freezing cold over a day. Yesterday offered real autumn weather with grey sky and chilly winds. My outfit was not the best choice lol..

I went to loads of different shows and presentations yesterday, the photos I've taken are just from some of them. A lot of fun even though the weather was so cold. Today I was supposed to go up early and head down to see some more but I am just exhausted from yesterday's adventure so I'm staying at home, maybe I'll head down later on tonight.

I also need to pack my suitcase since I'm going back to Sweden for 1,5 week again before school starts. So there's that to do as well. x