Friday, 27 November 2015


Nu är jag tillbaka efter en tuff vecka, hehe..
Idag slänger jag in en liten "Friday Favourites" med tema fredagsmys i topp 5 listor. Enjoy! <3

Hey everyone!
I'm finally back after a tough week, hehe..
Today I'm doing another "Friday Favourites with the theme cozy friday night in with top 5 lists. Enjoy! <3

Top 5 movies/TV series to watch:

1. Empire - my absolute favourite to watch right now, I'm obsessed.
2. The Walking Dead - gore, scary and just pure survival, amazing!
3. The Hunger Games - if you haven't seen them, do it! Even though the books are better..
4.  The other woman - Cameron Diaz, amazing as always.
5. Trainwreck - Laughed the entire film, lol.

Top 5 friday meals

1. Marinated oven-baked chicken and potatoes with coleslaw
2. Tacos (Swedish style)
3. Enchiladas
4. Homemade pizza
5. Salami e Ricotta con Ruccola - Vapiano pasta, google it!

Top 5 snacks to eat:

1. Buttered popcorn - OMG.. no explanation needed.
2. Chocolate chip cookies from M&S - bought Sainsbury's today but M&S cookies are to die for.
3. Marabou milk chocolate - if you haven't tried this amazing Swedish chocolate, then you've missed out.
4. Homemade energy bars - just google it and you'll find great and simple recipes. Perfect for my sugar tooth of a boyfriend ;)
5. Any berries - for those of you who would like a healthier alternative, fruit and berries are the best!

Top 5 drinks

1. Pink Lemonade Snapple - so much sugar but so worth it
2. Juicy Water - preferably Raspberry flavour
3. Homemade hot chocolate 
4. Homemade ice coffee - do your coffee as usual and pour lots of ice in it!
5. Any juice or smoothie made from scratch 

Top 5 board/parlor games

1. Cardgames - any kind will do.
2. Headbanz 
3. Monopoly
4. Twister 
5. Kortslutning - a Swedish parlor game.

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