Sunday, 22 November 2015


Tänkte starta en ny "serie". Varje söndag kommer hädanefter att vara "Sunday Funday" där jag lägger upp roliga inlägg, antingen om mig själv, tags, recept, DIY's etc. Sounds good? Good! ;)

Idag tänkte jag göra 25 Questions Tag där jag svarar på 25 frågor helt enkelt, på så sätt kan ni lära känna mig bättre och jag får underhålla mig själv lite. Enjoy!

I was thinking about creating a new "series". Every Sunday from now on, I will post "Sunday Funday" were I post things about myself, do tags, recipes, DIY's etc, fun things. Sounds good? Good! ;)

Today I'm doing the 25 Questions Tag were I answer 25 questions about myself, in that way you will get to know me better and I get som entertaining. Enjoy!

What is your middle name?: My middle name is Etty, an old familyname. :)
What was favourite subject at school?: At university, I really enjoy Personal and Professional Development, a course for you to develop yourself as a personal brand. 
What is your favourite drink?: Pink lemonade with a lot of ice!!
What is your favourite song at the moment?: Superheroes - The Script
What is your favourite food?: A pasta dish from Vapiano called: Salame e ricotta con ruccola - GOOGLE IT! 
What is the last thing you bought?: Grocery shopping at Lidl, lol. 
Favourite book of all time?: I'm actually one of those that people that love 50 Shades of Grey.. the book is amazing, movie.. not so much. You have to read it to understand! ;)

Favourite Colour?: Navy blue or dark red.
Do you have any pets?: In Sweden I have 2 dogs and 4 cats. In London - none :(
Favourite Perfume?: Victor Rolf - Flowerbomb
Favourite Holiday?: Beach, ocean and being able to do absolutely nothing.
Are you married?: Nope
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Lol, yes. A lot.
Do you speak any other language?: I speak fluent Swedish, English and a bit of French. I can also curse and say hello in a lot of languages, hehe. 
How many siblings do you have?: One brother, Joakim.

What is your favourite shop?: The Body Shop or ZARA, can't decide..
Favourite restaurant?: A small mexican street food restaurant in Malmo, Sweden called La Raza. AMAZING! 
When was the last time you cried?: This week I think? I'm too emotional..
Favourite Blog?: I follow the Swedish bloggers and daily. Obsessed much? Nah.
Favourite Movie?: Bridget Jones' Diary, Love actually, Harry Potter. 
Favourite TV show?: Obsessed with Empire at the moment, so good. 
PC or Mac?: Mac
What phone do you have?: Rose gold iPhone 6.
How tall are you?: 160 cm above ground ;)
Can you cook?: I think I'm good, haha. My specialties are Spaghetti Bolognese and oven-baked chicken dishes. 

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