Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Photos by: Ernest Rudzki 

We've had some issues with our landlord over the last couple of weeks, fortunately we are moving out on the 26th of May so these issues won't last for long. But they do include no internet connection what-so-ever in our apartment so I'm currently internet sharing from my Iphone. So, the update might not be the most frequent right now.

I will of course try to do my best and blog while I'm at lunch break at work, at cafés with wi-fi and maybe even going into my university to borrow the wi-fi for a while. In other words; it's a mess right now.

But from the 26th of May we are moving out of here and into a new apartment where we get fibre internet so it won't be a problem from there and forward. I really appreciate you guys staying with me.

If any of you have any tips for good internet cafés around London where you can sit for hours, ideally not too busy; please leave a comment! It would help me out so much! x

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