Sunday, 22 May 2016


Wow, crazy weekend. We've been completely busy with trying to organize or move for the upcoming week. We've been packing like maniacs the entire day and we're not yet finished. It's insane how much stuff we've managed to collect during this short period of time. But, now we're almost finished with our main room. Tomorrow and Tuesday will mainly be trying to tackle the kitchen and bathroom and on Thursday - we're out.

Since both me and Wille have full time occupations at the moment he had to start packing early to avoid getting in over our heads with packing and planning. As it looks like right now I believe that we can have a mostly calm move, but you never know with the two of us. ;)

I'll catch you as soon as I possibly can! x

Herregud vilken helg. Vi har varit så upptagna med packningen för vår flytt på torsdag. Nu är vi båda helt slut och avnjuter en kopp te på ett cafe för att kunna njuta av lite wifi. Än så länge känns det lugnt inför flytten men jag vågar inte hoppas för mycket än. ;)


  1. great photos !

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  2. Such pretty photos, I love that pigeon in the background!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Really caught in the right moment ;)
      Thanks Lorna! x

  3. gorgeous look!

  4. You look so gorgeous here! I love your hat :)