Saturday, 25 June 2016


I love to mix patterns together, it makes an outfit much more interesting and fun than to just go with one pattern matched with either a plain top or bottom. The top I'm wearing is a bit older from Zara and the pants are a newfound love from New Look's petite section (since I'm a mini-person and nothing like this ever fit me) and they are just amazing, super flattering fit and I love the pattern! This outfit I decided to match with my beloved bright orange lipstick that I got from one of my best friends a couple of years back. A bright lipstick is always a good idea if you want to spice up an outfit or just add a pop of colour to your face.

Today we were planning on going down to Hyde Park to join the big Midsummer celebration with the other Swedes but Will realized that he had to be in the studio today until this afternoon and the weather doesn't look too inviting to sit outside to be honest. So we're thinking about doing our own little picnic at home and eat our Midsummer food here instead. We'll see!

Idag hade vi planer på att åka ner till Hyde Park och fira midsommar med alla andra svenskar här i London men Wille insåg att han hade studiotid som varar till någon gång i eftermiddag och vädret är inte särskilt inbjudande idag. Så det blir troligtvis bara jag och Wille som gör en liten hemma picknick framåt kvällen eller nått. Vi får se!