Friday, 24 June 2016


I had a haircut the other day and it got A LOT shorter. I haven't had my hair this short since I was 13 I believe. But I really, really like it! It feels a lot more airy and is much easier to style than before. Other than the huge difference in length I did some new highlights to go a blonder for summer. Feels so much nicer now when that's done.

I also have a thing for midi dresses at the moment. I love when they are a little bit longer than knee length, it's much more flattering and easier to wear than the short-short dresses that I'm used to. And also since most maxi dresses does not fit me at all a midi dress is the way to go!

Today has been such a lovely day and I am really enjoying having a break from everything. Now I'm going to grab myself a little snack and begin to do some Swedish meatballs for our Midsummer celebration that's taking place tomorrow. For all my Swedish readers out there: Glad Midsommar! x