Monday, 4 July 2016



From now on I'm known as the blonde Swede who takes photos on different locations every night, haha! The looks and comments that you get when you walk around taking outfit photos and it's not better to have my boyfriend walking around with a big camera either. Still getting used to it.. ;)

The beach here is so lovely and I really wanted to catch some photos of it wearing a complete outfit but since it's incredibly hot outside during daytime we had to wait until the evening. I think they turned out great actually! I love the body that I'm wearing even though it's a bit low cut for my regular taste, need to buy some fashion tape when I get home to be able to wear it without my boobs falling out.

My original thought was to try to make little vlogs when I'm here but I realized that it might be a bit boring for you to see me doing the same thing everyday so not this time. If videos is something that you would want me to try - give me a shout! x

Från och med nu är jag känd som den blonda svensken som fotograferar outfits varje kväll med sin kamerakille. Dölöjligt med alla blickar och kommentarer man får, haha!

Bilderna är tagna nere på stranden, dock på kvällstid eftersom det är alldeles för varmt att ha kläder på sig mitt på dagarna. Men jag gillar kvällsljuset på bilderna (och det faktum att det inte är hundratals andra människor med på bilderna). Toppen är kanske lite väl urringad för min smak men med lite fashiontejp så blir det säkert mycket bättre! x


  1. You looks so beautiful!! LOve your outfit!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. You look great! Looking forward to your vid ;)