Saturday, 2 July 2016


Hello everyone! As expected - my internet is not the best right now. But I've finally managed to connect and go onto the Internet without the wifi giving up on me.

Our first day was spent mainly on the beach. Swimming in the beautiful sea and working on my tan (with high SPF of course). Both me and Wille are very relaxed individuals and neither of us demand much action to take place when we are on vacation - especially to a place like this. So we both just laid at the beach, reading and chit-chatting whenever we had something to say. We had lunch by the beach, salads and beer since it's way to hot to have warm food in the middle of the day.

When we grew tired of the beach we headed back to the hotel, stayed by the pool for a little bit and just relaxed before going out to dinner. Not much interesting happening really but perfect for me since I've had such a hectic spring and it won't get much calmer this autumn.

I hope that you're all good! x

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