Saturday, 16 July 2016


Hello everyone!
The weather today has been absolutely amazing, it's crazy hot outside and almost no wind at all. To bad both me and Wille had loads to prepare and do today so we haven't had too much time to enjoy it. But according to the prognosis we will be getting good weather tomorrow as well, fingers crossed!

With preparing I meant buying things to bring home to my family and friends since we're going back to Sweden on Tuesday as I've mentioned before. So we visited our local shopping centre which I realized just a couple of days ago is just a 20 minute walk from our apartment?! I've been taking the bus there since we moved here and it takes longer to take the bus than to walk?! Haha, fail..
The walk there is really nice situated through a long promenade and then Hendon Park, lovely! That's also were we snapped today's outfit: a nice, striped dress with my beloved hat. The dress is from Forever21 and the hat River Island.

I hope that you're enjoying the day today: maybe whilst playing Pokémon Go? ;)

Hej på er!
Sorry för brist på översatta inlägg på senaste tiden, haha!
Det har varit så himla fint väder här idag så jag och Wille promenerade till vårt lokala shoppingcenter vilket jag insåg så sent som förra veckan bara ligger 20 minuter bort till fots och det tar 30 minuter med buss!? Dumma mig..

Hoppas att ni njuter av vädret där ni är; kanske samtidigt som ni spelar nylanserade Pokémon Go? ;)