Friday, 8 July 2016


We got home ridiculously late last night (or should I say morning?) and yesterday was pretty insane so the blog was not my biggest priority. ;) 

After a very tiering flight and long journey home we finally got to bed at 5 am this morning and woke up at around 12, first thing was that we didn't have any breakfast at home or any edible food at all, a real bummer. So we went out to get breakfast and also did a full "fill-up-the-fridge"-shopping. And now it's almost 7 o'clock and I've no idea where the day has gone. 

To not leave you with nothing I'll give you these photos of my outfit from our last night in Sunny Beach. I'm not the biggest fan of these photos and was thinking about not to post them, but then again, everyone has bad days so there you go - not my greatest photos but definitely not the worst.

I'll catch you tomorrow again when I've managed to get into my regular rhythm of life. xx

Efter en helt galen resa hem igår så är vi äntligen hemma, fått mat och sovit ut och är äntligen någorlunda tillbaka på banan. Kände att bloggen inte var prioritet igår när vi var påväg hem från Bulgarien. Men förhoppningsvis är jag mer tillbaka och vaken imorgon, vi hörs då! xx


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